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HERD (2005)
by Dominic Rivron

HERD is a still-growing project based mainly around audio-visual 
digital art,
which explores the animal world as seen by the human
animal. While some
of the work is confined to a monitor, other parts
of the work are displayed
on the walls, including a series of digitally
created images entitled
“All the animals I’ve ever eaten”.
Some of the earliest known art is cave painting. Why did early humans 
paint animals in caves? Making images of animals now is one way of
exploring this question, which is closely related to more abstract
questions such as: what is art, and why make it at all?
The work also includes the “centaurpede”: a piece which is likely
to be returned to and enlarged over the weekend. This is very much
in the spirit of the exhibition, with its emphasis on the temporary,
flux and spontaneity.

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