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Poems by Karen Rivron

IZZY THE CAT (on the wardrobe)

izzy the cat Izzy so loving and gentle
with your shiny soft black coat
and white mask and paws to match
clean always bright
you sleep up high
out of harms way
you sing only when secure -
sometimes when being read to


Izzy oh Izzy I'm only going to the shop
not up muddy lane,
But I know you'll come all the same.
And when I turn right up the hill
(not left for muddy lane)
You'll sit on the garden wall
and yowl until I come back.
Then down we'll walk back home,
and once through the gate, you'll stop.
Evening comes, and we'll go for a short walk
(my other half and me)
Trying to get out unseen (by you-know-who)
But -
Yes Izzy you can come too.
And off we all three go.
Oops no there's Tibby, Taz as well
and all we need now is Jess.
What a strange sight we must make,
But yes - we go and the cats as well.
Through the gate - up the lane,
Left at the top, then along and left again.
Straight down and on up "Muddy Lane" -
what fun.
Walking behind, and side by side,
Sometimes running ahead,
But always returning when called.
Then back we all come
and safely back home once more through the gate
Till next time.


long neglected
Have I died

like the garden
with nothing left to give
no beauty,
no colour,
no perfume
no peace, calm or tranquility

choked by weeds
only the ugliness left to show
(that is all that is left)
The sting of the nettle
The creeping of the bindweed
choking and curling
ever deceiving
slowly destroying the
beauty that once was


The silence
The gentle rustle of leaves
The babble of a stream
The silence of moonlight
The stars in the sky
All are Peace

The green fields
Snow-covered hills
Blue sky all year round
Sunrise - sunset
The bees humming
Birds singing
Babies sleeping
Children playing
Old people dying
All are Peace

The graveyard
The church
The home - the pub
The town asleep
All are Peace

Snow falling
Frost covered trees
In the pale sunlight of winter
Lambs playing in warm spring sun
Poppies swaying in gentle summer breeze
All are Peace

The stillness after a thunderstorm
The lightening in the skies
All are Peace

The rainbow
After a summer's rain
Is Peace
God's peace for everyone

(c) Karen Rivron 2000


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